Open Space & Landscape

tree SG03641Prestons was developed around a network of open green space that is integrated into the fabric of the subdivision. The first stage of the development comprises a portion of this network including part of the Linear Park, Marshland Domain extension, cycle/walkways, streets, and a stormwater management system.

Central to the open space strategy, and a major component of the development is the Linear Park, acting as the backbone structure running from north to south for the majority of the length of the subdivision.  Eventually the linear park will function as a major open space link between the suburb of Burwood and the Styx River.

grass SG03423The park will also serve as a habitat corridor for fauna, as the main pedestrian and cycle route through the development, and as the critical retention and filtration component of the stormwater management network.

Lateral green links running across the site east to west will connect the Linear Park with residential and commercial areas on either side. 

Parks and Reserves 

pdfKorowai Park3.61 MB
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