Northside map



What type of houses are proposed?

The urban design for Prestons provides for a number of different section sizes ranging from 200m2 through to 1000m2 which will allow for a range of different building forms to be constructed across the Prestons development.
The majority of sites are medium density (Density B and C) with section sizes from 450m2 to 650m2.

Is the land safe?

Prestons Road undertook extensive geotechnical investigations with the assistance of Aurecon and confirmed the original ‘rural’ farmland land was a mixture of TC1 & TC2.  But as part of the construction process land remediation and improvement works were undertaken to bring the pockets of  TC2 land up to TC1 equivalent.  Site specific geotechnical reports are now provided for each section with all ‘north’ side sections built to date confirmed as TC1.

How will the infrastructure like sewer and stormwater be dealt with?

As part of the Prestons Plan Change and Resource Consent, agreement has been reached with Christchurch City Council to provided new infrastructure such as sewerage and stormwater whereby new connections will  link the development to  existing city infrastructure.

Further to the Prestons Plan Change & Resource Consent - agreement was reached with Christchurch City Council to provide new infrastructure such as sewerage and stormwater that connects the development to  existing city infrastructure.  As part of that a new Wastewater Pump Station was built and commissioned by the Developer and handed over to Council in 2013.

What about public transport and when will this be available?

Provision within the Prestons Master Plan has been made for bus routes.  However determination of bus routes lies with Environment Canterbury which to a degree is population dependent. But we expect as the population increases Environment Canterbury will implement bus services.

Will there be a school at Prestons?

The new Marshland Primary School is presently under construction on Te Korari Street and is scheduled to open for the start of the 2016 school year.  The school will provide classes from Year 1 – 8.

The Ministry of Education has also announced plans for 2 new local colleges to be built - relocating Shirley Boys & Avonside Girls to separate but adjoining new schools at Queen Elizabeth Park. They are scheduled to be open for the start of the 2018 school year.

What shops will there be on site?

The Prestons Plan Change provides for a variety of retail offerings including commercial land adjacent to Prestons Road with nearby ‘Neighbourhood’ shops within both the North and South sides of the development.  Foodstuffs NZ will also provide a Supermarket with associated facilities on the land neighbouring the BP Service Station at the Marshlands Rd / Prestons Rd intersection.  Commercial facilities are dependent on local population support but with steadily increasing residents at Prestons we anticipate the first of the commercial facilities will be underway in 2015.

What roading upgrades are proposed?

The Prestons Plan Change includes a number of road network upgrades.  Work completed to date includes the Prestons Rd / Marshland Road and the Mairehau Road / Marshland Rd intersections.

Work is presently underway on upgrading Prestons Road (from Te Rito St to Marshland Rd) while an upgrade to the Lower Styx Rd / Marshland Rd / Hawkins Rd intersection is currently in planning.

What are the sustainable features being incorporated in the Development?

There have been a number of initiatives incorporated within the design of Prestons to provide for a sustainable community, economic, social and environmental initiatives.  These include reuse of existing materials, containment and management of stormwater on site, enhancement of native plantings, an interconnecting central ‘green’ linear corridor running  the length of the subdivision, and construction of a multi-density community with a number of housing typographies.

Plus residents are encouraged to adopt sustainable features as part of their new build ie. intelligent design, solar power, highly rated insulation, dual flush cisterns, use of 3.5 star (or higher) white goods etc.